Category: Poetry

ST. PIRAN by Ruth Tremayne Harry

A Saint who came from IrelandAnd turned up on Cornish shoresHis name of course is PiranHis legend still endures He landed with a millstonePerhaps from

FROM AN EXILE by Les Rendell

Where do I live?The question begs an answer in perplexity,For if my body works and bides in EnglandThe heart that pumps the bloodstream giving breathCan

BYGONE DAYS by Les Rendell

Life wanders on, year in, year out, apaceAs melancholy haunts the backward gaze;But memory holds alive those years of graceOf Cornish childhood, golden bygone days.

DAY’S END by Les Rendell

‘Tes time to riddle out grate, mautherAn’ to maake us desh o’ tay,Fer be gwain up temberen ‘ill, mautherIn coose fer anawther day. ‘Twas ‘ansum,