Category: Poetry

LANDSCAPE by Les Rendell

I gaze upon the granite moor and mark the summit of the tor;And all around the windswept green, changing hue to shades between.While over where

“Where I belong…” by Alan Murton

Empty winter beachebb tide leaves mirrored pools.Lovers stroll, hold hands.Seabirds wheeling high, reach for the towering crags,swoop to foaming surf.gone the summer throng,stretches the endless

Hands Across The Sea by Lewis Rowe

Cousin Jacks and Jills in foreign parts With memories of this Duchy in their hearts;In Philadelphia or Wisconsin, USA,Australia, down Perth or Melbourne wayLiving where Pacific

Some Cornish Poetry

Cornish Trawlers by Mark Snell Why do the Cornish beamers Spend so much time at sea? Hardly setting foot in port these days To see