On the extreme south coast of Cornwall
Lies the picturesque Cadgwith Cove
It’s the home of fishermen’s families
A very special treasure trove

The fishing fleet is central
It’s the heart of village life
But after centuries of fishing
Their future sits on the blade of a knife

Their precious fishing lofts
Are up for sale and God forbid
These hardworking fearless families
Should lose their livelihoods forthwith

The fishing fathers and their sons
Are devoted to their boats
And to the fishing grounds they tender
Marked by their colourful floats

Not only are they losing
The storage for their working gear
The EU markets under Brexit
May soon forever disappear

We cannot let this happen
This vibrant community must remain
It’s been this way for generations                            
We must not break this traditional chain

Thatched rooves and fishermen’s cottages
Complete this idyllic scene
As the fishermen and their children
Live out their lifelong dream

To protect this fishing heritage
For their future descendants to enjoy
It’s just too sacred an endeavour
To allow greed and profit to destroy

Ruth Tremayne Harry
19 February, 2021
With photos by Terry Harry