NEWQUAY REMEMBERED Ruth Tremayne Harry 27th December, 2020

Renowned for cliffs and beaches
A seaside town with natural charm
And on the outskirt village hamlets
With cows, horses and a farm

There were tourists in the summer
A different feel on winter days
But as a child it was idyllic
And the memory of it stays

Now flats and surfpods litter
The cliffs and fields around the town
The skyline flawed, and vistas ruined
The seagulls cry a mournful sound

Is this progress or a sellout
Where profit takes the upper hand
And now the surfers rule the coastline
Taking over sea and sand

Fast food and memorabilia
Fill the streets with junk for sale
Surfboards dominate the beaches
Surfers drinking pints of ale

I grieve the loss of home now
But it remains within my heart
The natural beauty won’t diminish
Mother Nature does her part