“Things We Da Say” by Maid Lowenna – Joy Stevenson

Launder – Guttering.
Grushunns – The dregs especially tea leaves.
Wisht uz a winnurd – Feeling and looking ill, miserable.
Winnard is a bird like the fieldfare and redwing which looks sad and “wisht”, in the cold weather.
Tiddun knaw good I tellee – I cannot over-emphasise that there is no merit in what you are saying.
Ee iddun knaw cop izza? – His character would not bear too close an investigation: am I right?
Oo da she think she iz un? – She has an unjustified air of considerable self-assurance.
Guss on withee – Get away with you.
Goine Trurra morra aree? – Are you going to Truro tomorrow?
Dick Bawden beeun tealed morra! Ow, dead issa? – Dick Bawden’s funeral is tomorrow, I did not know he was dead.
Issa a boy or a cheeld? – Is the new baby a boy or a girl?
Gibbum scat cross tha chacks – Hit him in the face.
Woss a like un pard? – How are you feeling today then my friend?
Eeze like a tawd undurr a arra – He is very henpecked.
Tiz cummun down in stair rods – It is pouring with rain.
I’m penny laikun – I have no money.
Eeal av iz tolls sure nuff – He’ll get his reward.
Wot ee av av that un? – What do von think about that?
Kent call un too knaw ow – I can’t remember who he was.
Tetty ground – Potato patch.
Ee cum ta Lands End – He died.
I’m sum frightund ta see ee – I’m surprised to meet you.
I’m goine wet up a few buns – I’m going to bake some buns.
A cow lily be tha tale – Garment hanging on the washing line by one peg. Commuss on in – Come inside.
Clunk un down – Eat it up.
She’s cuttun un up – She is tryinq to speak all posh.
She da gabble like a gleannie – She talks a lot.
Built up gainst tha country – House built into a steeply rising hillside.
You look dead und buried und ad yurr clawthes washed You are looking all clean and smart (even scruffy people look clean in their coffins.) Trouchurr – Man trading in rabbits and poultry from a pony trap.
I shall keep they flowurrs while they awld tegethurr – I shall keep those flowers until they die.
She’s sum geat party you – She is a large woman.

The late Joy Stevenson, one of most wonderful Cornish woman
you could ever wish to meet

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