Harry Glasson – The great songwriter who wrote “Cornwall My Home”

What a privilege it was for us to meet up with the legend Harry Glasson and his lovely wife Ann in their delightful garden on a sunny Cornish summer afternoon.  You can find the essence of Harry’s love for Cornwall encapsulated in his wonderful catalogue of songs, and in particular Cornwall My Home which is beloved by people all over the world.  In fact it is reputed to make “grown men cry” and also women, which I can personally atest to.

Born in Cows Cramp, Clowance near Praze an Beeble, Harry spent his early years in the Merchant Navy.  On returning to Cornwall, and after working in a nursery, he decided on a change of direction and created the Harry Safari Tours showing people around his beautiful homeland. Meanwhile he had been gigging all around Cornwall and also in the United States building a large fan base, entertaining with his songs and dialect verse.

In the late 1990s his songs became even more popular and were sung by many Cornish choirs, Shanty Singers and other artists worldwide.  To this day his songs have increased in popularity and give much inspiration to many people.  You can find some of them in his latest book Cornwall My Home Song Book.

In 2009 Harry was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal chords which subsequently resulted in having them removed.  Thanks to technology he can still speak well and can even sing with the help of a hands free device and play his guitar in his own inimitable style.

Harry is a much loved, respected and humble man and a really proud Cornishman. We offer a further tribute to him in the following poem below written by Ruth:


Harry Glasson is a legend
He’s Cornish through and through
His songs are a reminder
Of the Cornwall we once knew

His lyrics are the heartbeat
As they stir and resonate
And the impact of this County
Is captured now, it’s not too late

He gives our Cornish history
A living, breathing voice
To make this precious culture
A vibrant future choice

To preserve and to protect
The traditions of this land
That have forever been recorded
By his creative, loving hand

So generations past and present
Are remembered with respect
Our Celtic roots are honoured
And wildest dreams are met

There’s a spirit in the County
And you’ll never feel alone
Harry’s songs can best sustain us
For Cornwall is his home!