GOLITHA FALLS by Ruth Tremayne Harry with photos by Terry Harry

An autumn walk to cherish
The colours inspire awe
The River Fowey is flowing
Like you’ve never seen before

Draynes Wood is the beginning
As the paths wind through the trees
Where roots form stepping stones
And moss and lichen frame the leaves

You hear the rapids singing
As you skirt the river’s edge
The wildlife all around you
Even sheep beyond the hedge

A dense and wooded pathway
Gets you closer to the Falls
With a steep and craggy hillside
And rocky undulating walls

Known for its woodland flora
A national treasure to be sure
With bluebells in the springtime
It’s a gem on Bodmin Moor

The roar of falling water
Is just resounding in your ears
With birdsong in the background
Your destination nears

At Draynes Bridge you’ll find refreshments
A smokehouse barbecue no less
Once your scenic hike is over
Relax, enjoy a well earned rest