ST. PIRAN by Ruth Tremayne Harry

A Saint who came from Ireland
And turned up on Cornish shores
His name of course is Piran
His legend still endures

He landed with a millstone
Perhaps from a shipwreck
Or maybe he just swam here
But that’s a fact we cannot check

He became a Patron Saint
Of tin miners here of course
And maybe causing miracles
But we’ll never know the source

This occurred in the 5th century
But now we celebrate in March
It starts with Perrantide
And on the 5th the feasting starts

There’s a cross amongst the dunes
In memory of this Saint
He lived a hermit’s life
Although the facts are rather faint

The Cornish flag still bears his name
With tin mining at its core
The white cross to mark the tin
And the black is the raw ore

So as we celebrate this Saint
We wave our flags and dress in style
The pilgrims sing Trelawney
Following the piper mile by mile