Trebah Gardens

This is a truly wonderful garden where Ruth & Terry spent a wonderful afternoon. They both took many photos, which are shown below.
The garden is really worth a visit.
The Trebah Garden website can be found here.

In 1831 Trebah was acquired by the Fox Family who built Glendurgan Garden. Trebah was first laid out as a pleasure garden by Charles Fox, a Quaker polymath of enormous creative energy who paid meticulous attention to the exact positioning of every tree.

During the Second World War, Trebah was used for military purposes and the assault on Omaha Beach in Normandy was launched from Polgwidden Beach, at the foot of Trebah Garden.

In 1981, Tony and Eira Hibbert bought Trebah as their retirement home. They were persuaded to give up the first three years of retirement to restore the garden. Indeed, when Major Hibbert agreed to three years, little did he know it would become a quarter of a century. The decision, he eventually wrote, “has given us the happiest twenty-four years of our lives and had we not taken up the challenge we’d have been dead long ago of gin poisoning and boredom.

The garden was opened to the public in 1987 and by 1989 visitor numbers had reached 36,000. The Hibbert family then gave the house, garden and cottages to the Trebah Garden Trust, a registered charity, to ensure that the garden could be preserved for future generations.
In 2000 visitor numbers had exceeded 105,000 and a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Objective One allowed Trebah to build the new ‘Hibbert Centre’, to rebuild Alice Hext’s seat, restore the nursery and carry out major landscaping and garden improvements.

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