Tales Of Twickenham – A blast from the past by Terry Harry

These stories I have had in a waiting area for many months, it is about time they were seen.They are from a book “Tales of Twickenham” that I conceived, researched and jointly published. It was about Cornwall beating Yorkshire in The 1991 County Championship final at Twickenham. I very pleased to say I am still […]

“Big Al Hodge” – A Tribute

I am so lucky to have seen Al perform many times and considered him a friend. I photographed him lots of times whilst he was performing and had immense fun doing it. What a character he was.  I was really upset when he passed on to “a gig in the sky” he was far too […]

Harry Glasson A True Cornishman

Words and Poem by Ruth Tremayne Netter and photos by Terry Harry What a privilege it was for us to meet up with the legend Harry Glasson and his lovely wife Ann in their delightful garden on a sunny Cornish summer afternoon.  You can find the essence of Harry’s love for Cornwall encapsulated in his […]

Steve Winchester’s – “Songs of the Sea” All the songs are about Cornwall.

We met up with Steve Winchester at the impressive and legendary Slate Quarry close to his home in Delabole, North Cornwall.  Steve is a professional singer/songwriter whose latest album “Songs of the Sea” is a reflection of his deep love for Cornwall, its people, heritage and history.  He has spent much of his working life […]

Out and about again with Ruth & Terry

We have travelled many hundreds of miles to get photos for everyone to enjoy. As you are all probably aware it is all done for this non profit making website. We hope you all enjoy it and hope you all keep well.

FROM AN EXILE by Les Rendell

Where do I live?The question begs an answer in perplexity,For if my body works and bides in EnglandThe heart that pumps the bloodstream giving breathCan only find its domicile beyondWhere Morwenstow calls from boundary’s edgeAnd St. Levan answers from afar. I cannot my heritage belieFor can a Cornishman of birthEver live in truth outside that […]

The Caradon Inn – Upton Cross – Liskeard A new life ahead!

COMING out of lockdown means so much to so many – and for such a variety of reasons.But for the pub trade, throwing open the front doors again will be a long-overdue financial life-saver.Many landlords have only just survived the past 12 months but for one Cornish couple, lockdown’s end means life’s beginning for them […]