Carbilly Tor on Bodmin Moor with Terry Harry

Carbilly Tor on Bodmin Moor near Bradford, Blisland and St Breward.In an area of unused quarries is a wonderful natural rock stack with carvings that might be man made. It is about 30 feet high and remarkably like the larger Cheesewring near The Minions.It is a wonderful walk along man made paths with a gentle […]

BYGONE DAYS by Les Rendell

Life wanders on, year in, year out, apaceAs melancholy haunts the backward gaze;But memory holds alive those years of graceOf Cornish childhood, golden bygone days. Remember school, with pinafore and cap,The hoops we trundled playfully ahead,The dung-strewn streets, the donkey in his trap,And Mother’s saffron cake and home-made bread. Remember Father’s stern but kindly eye;The […]

DAY’S END by Les Rendell

‘Tes time to riddle out grate, mautherAn’ to maake us desh o’ tay,Fer be gwain up temberen ‘ill, mautherIn coose fer anawther day. ‘Twas ‘ansum, thy sour-sab pie, mautherArt a -maakin more come morn?I’ll taake a pasty fer me croust, mautherI be up meddow rollin’ corn. Weather’s finin’ away now, mauther‘Tes raggin fer rain, sure […]

Cornwall My Home written by Harry Glasson

A wonderful version of Harry’s classic song sung by The Countrymen with a slideshow of Cornwall by Terry Harry,The Countrymen’s CD is available to buy. CLICK HERE

The Band Played Trelawny

This is the true story of a little piece of 100 year old Cornish history set in The Great War and involving soldiers of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Is taken from The Countrymen’s website At the end of this wonderful article you can hear The Countrymen’s excellent version of the song The […]