LOCKDOWN by Ruth Tremayne Netter 6 January, 2021

We’re in lockdown yet again
And advised to stay at home
The virus is now rampant
Thank God I’m not alone

It seems the risk gets higher
1 in 50 we are told
That’s a scary new statistic
Affecting young as well as old

It’s like a science fiction novel
And not the world in which we live
Could Nostradamus have expected
Such a prediction he could give

Is the vaccine a real cure
For an infectious harsh disease
When people don’t obey the rules
And move about just as they please

Are people so shortsighted
To think that they’re immune
Or are they just rebellious
If they get sick they’ll change their tune

So can we come to an agreement
That life is still to be preserved
And our personal needs and preferences
Are not rights we can reserve