GWENNAP PIT by Ruth Tremayne Netter

With photos by Terry Harry

The Poet Ruth Tremayne Netter reads her poem, you may read it below..

It’s the heart of the Methodist world
Where John Wesley made his mark
And as the people came to listen
Something profound had made a start

Let your light shine, were his words
Miss no opportunity to do others good
We would do well to just remember
Were these sentiments understood?

Gwennap Pit’s an extraordinary place
With grassy tiers exposed to sky
His message found the people’s hearts
Gain, save and give, don’t question why

His brother Charles wrote the hymns
On horseback they spread the word
But it was the miners who had such faith
It was hope and comfort that they heard

In this Cornish world of mines
With such natural beauty all around
The hardships people had endured
Were eclipsed by Salvation’s sound