CORNISH COVID by Ruth Tremayne Netter 30th December, 2020

We thought we were safe
The numbers were low
But then the tourists arrived
That was the first lethal blow

The hotels were all closed
And the shops were controlled
But the economy suffered
And the foul deal was sold

Then came the Tiers
We were the lowest at first
But then profits were sought
And the Cornish were cursed

Let’s seal all the borders
Came the collective sad cry
But the outsiders rolled in
And we all questioned why?

The surfers must surf
And the walkers must walk
The cyclists all gathered
To avoid being caught

We need our vacation
Was the irresponsible cry
We don’t care if the locals
All get sick and then die

So what is the moral
Of these sad Covid tales
Can the Cornish emerge
With the wind in our sails

We have been down the mines
We have farmed on the land
We have fished in the sea
So you must understand

The Cornish are strong
And the Cornish are wise
We have witnessed much worse
So this too we’ll survive